20 Feb 2019
Notice for 2A1 eligible alumni members collecting their eligibility letter

If you are:

·       An NSAA member and

·       your child was born in 2013,

you will receive an email notification from the NSAA by May 2019 informing you to collect the 2A1 eligibility letter issued by the NSAA. This letter can be collected during our Primary 1 Registration Talk which will be held on 1 June 2019 (Sat).

In the event that you are unable to collect the letter personally, you may authorise someone to collect it on your behalf. The authorisation letter can be found in NSAA’s notification email which will be sent to you by May 2019.

If you have not received any notification by May 2019, it is likely because details of your child/children were not provided when you joined NSAA or not updated when your child/children were born. If you face such a situation, please email us at to update us with your child or children’s particulars.

If you are interested in attending our Primary 1 Registration Talk, please sign up at P1 Talk.