Past Event
Helping Your Child Cope With Stress And Anxiety
Date & Venue
26 Sep 2020
2pm - 3pm
Online Webinar

According to author and journalist Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence in children is the ability to process and effectively regulate emotions in a manner that is helpful to the healthy emotional and intellectual growth of a child.

Many children in today’s pressure-cooker school system have all the necessary tools to excel in the academic sphere, but are severely stunted in their mental and emotional growth.

The number of teens reporting psychological issues such as insomnia, anxiety and stress have risen sharply over the past decade, reflecting the ever-increasing need for parents today to raise their children with emotional intelligence.

In today’s pressure cooker school environment, children can find themselves stressed and unable to cope with the overwhelming workload in school in addition to pressures related to friends and social media. This gives rise to a multitude of problems, such as anxiety, insomnia, low mood and in serious cases, depression and even suicidal thoughts. In this talk, Dr Tan will discuss how to identify these symptoms of stress in your child at an early stage.

Dr Tan will share useful tips to help your child cope with stress and anxiety and the different ways that parents can support their child during stressful times. She will also touch on how the practice of mindfulness can help both parent and child reduce anxiety and cultivate emotional resilience.

Being able to equip your child with the tools of emotional resilience will go a long way in nurturing a well-adjusted child who is able to cope with the challenges of life.

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Dr Tan E-Ching is the founding Director of Hallmark Health, a mental wellness and holistic health centre in Singapore that specialises in conducting programmes on Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Resilience for both children and adults.

Dr Tan is passionate about imparting the tools of resilience and mindfulness to the younger generation. Prior to setting up Hallmark Health, she was a Senior Family Physician in a group practice for the last 20 years. She saw a rising trend of mental health problems like anxiety and depression in all age groups, and felt an immense need for practitioners who could provide counselling and holistic care. This inspired DrTan to start Hallmark Health to run programmes to equip students and adults with the important tools of mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Dr Tan graduated from the National University of Singapore Medical Faculty in 1994. She is married to a fellow doctor and they have 3 children. Dr Tan is an experienced
mindfulness practitioner for many years. She has given talks on mental wellness in schools and institutions of higher learning. She has been a volunteer doctor for the last
20 years at St John’s Singapore, a non-profit organisation providing first-aid, life support and youth development. Dr Tan also runs free workshops for children and atrisk youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in various children’s Homes and charity organisations. In addition, she is a facilitator in the Youth Mental Wellbeing initiative in Singapore.

People have often asked Dr Tan what her secret is to raising well-adjusted, all-rounded children who have gone through the Gifted Education Program and hold top leadership positions in schools. Dr Tan hopes to be able to share her experience and expertise especially in today’s climate when the number of teens reporting issues like insomnia, anxiety and depression are rising exponentially. There is an urgent need to equip both children and adults with the vital life skills like mindfulness, self-care, confidence and communication skills to help them navigate the challenges in life.