Upcoming Event
Nanyang Values Talk
Date & Venue
29 Feb 2020
3pm - 4pm
2 Linden Drive Singapore 288683 Nanyang Girls' High School Conference Room B (Level 4)

随着科技的进步与社会的发展,品德教育的重要性日益凸显。特选学校(SAP School)加上南洋三校的教育理念和价值观, 在南洋校友品德的培养上起着特殊的作用。过去的精神需要延续,讲座将为南洋桃李重温学校历史,以及价值观的意义, 和好品德的重要性. 南洋学子的未来需要学校、校友和家长们共同来塑造。

With the advancement of science and technology and the development of society, the importance of moral education has become increasingly prominent. The SAP School and the educational philosophy and values of Nanyang Family of Schools play a special role in the cultivation of Nanyang alumni’s character. The culture, Nanyang values and spirit need to be continued. The Nanyang Values Talk will provide a brief history of the school, the significance of Nanyang values and the importance of good character for all members of the Nanyang family. The future of our Nanyang students needs to be shaped by our schools, alumni and parents.

Open to all NSAA members and NSAA applicants who have attended GTKY parties. Spouses are welcome to attend. Pls register to attend the talk.