Past Event
Nanyang Homecoming Funfair 2018
Date & Venue
04 Aug 2018
Nanyang Girls' High School

“Gao-lak! Gao-lak! Buay Gao-lak!” howled little Amber Seow, decked out in her period costume, as our NSAA member volunteers made their way up the aisle of the auditorium selling packets of roasted chestnuts, reprising the role she played in The Nanyang Story - Once Upon A Generation. This was just one of the 40 plus food items the NSAA contributed to the Nanyang Girls Home Coming fundraiser event, many of which were generously sponsored by members of the schools’ board of directors and NSAA members.

Manning the 12 food stalls situated in the canteen was a volunteer army of recent recruits and veteran members of the NSAA. From fresh to refreshing, slushies, chilled coconut jelly, homemade kaya, Nonya Kueys, “Ramly” burgers, kebabs and brewed coffee lined a bustling scene as stall-minders shouted their wares, jostling for the attention of the crowd.

Right above them in the school hall was a similar hubbub of activity. Nestled in a cosy corner were three game stalls, conceived and built by two of our own NSAA exco members. The busiest of these game stalls was no doubt “T-Roll”, where participants had 5 tries to lob 3 toilet rolls into waste paper baskets mounted vertically onto boards. Madam Wee Bee Hoon, honorary patron of Nanyang family of Schools, put her deft skills on display, honed by years of practice on the Netball court, scoring all 3 baskets in a single attempt.

Also nestled at the back of the school hall were the NSAA souvenir store, a mini art gallery and a photo booth. The hottest selling item at the souvenir store was a reusable stainless steel straw, themed alongside NYGH’s “go-green” campaign. Exhibiting her exception talent was artist Wee Ping, an alumni of the school herself, donating paintings and prints from her studio for the event. The photo booth was a popular spot with the posse of students, who happily splurge out to capture candid poses in comic get-ups with their friends and family.

The event was as always a fulfilling experience for everyone involved. As the day drew to a close, exhausted yet exuberant, every participant could look back with satisfaction of another successful event concluded. Great effort everyone!!