Past Event
100th Anniversay Film - Once Upon A Generation (兰蕙百年)
Date & Venue
30 Sep 2017
The anniversary film titled Once Upon a Generation, was produced by NSAA and jointly presented by the Nanyang Family of Schools. The planning for the Nanyang 100th Anniversary celebration started in 2015. The Board of Directors, the Nanyang Schools Alumni Association (NSAA) and members of the three Nanyang schools worked closely with the common goal of making this special year a memorable one for all. With the intent of reaching out to as many alumni and stakeholders as possible, it was decided that producing a film depicting the story of the Nanyang Family of Schools was a good idea. NSAA thus decided to finance and take the lead in the production of the film, with an entire cast comprising students, staff, alumni and parents of the three Nanyang schools. Auditions for actors and actresses started in October 2016 and filming was completed in the first quarter of 2017. Many alumni, students and staff also contributed to the production work. This production not only served to bring members of the Nanyang Family together, but also gave many an opportunity to discover their talents.