15 Oct 2017
Nanyang Schools Alumni Association Membership Application Notice

Please note that your membership process will take at least 1 year from application to approval.

If you intend to use your NSAA membership for priority in Primary One Registration with Nanyang Primary School, you must be approved as a NSAA member no later than 30 June of the year preceding your child’s Primary One registration, according to MOE guidelines.

Our membership application process involves attending a Get-To-Know-You Party (GTKY), as well as serving/ volunteering in at least 2 alumni or school events. As such, in order to allow ample time for applicants to do so, we request that your application reaches us not later than June 30 two years before your child’s Primary One registration. For example, if you intend to register your child for Primary One in 2019, your application for membership has to reach us no later than June 2017.

Please note that approval of a membership application is subject to the discretion of the NSAA committee.

(For all applicants who wish to register their children for P1 in the year 2019, but missed the June 2017 dateline for application, we are able to accommodate your application as long as it reaches us by 31 Dec 2017 during this new announcement)